Tokyo Marui gas blow back rifle

Dublin, Ireland,
June 29, 2019
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Price: €720,00
Price: €720,00
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui / colt
Model: M4A1 / 1911
Type: Gas Blowback
Muzzle velocity (FPS): 320
Item Condition: Brand New

Selling these bad boys, due to  I'm working all the time never had the chance actually bring them on to the field yet, i wish to find them an more active owner, the Tokyo Marui m4a1 is well known for its accuracy and the reliability this is a very well build rifle, it comes whit an Swiss arms aluminium compact scope zoom 1.5 to 5 green and red illuminated and a tactical grip too, the colt 1911 is a classic and slick beast(anniversary edition) comes whit 2 mag, all  in good condition, no gas leak, all item will be in original boxs whit store warrantys, if you have any questions please don't be hesitate to contact me thank you

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Address: Dublin, Ireland,
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  • Still available?
    Consider selling the rifle on its own ?

    • Yes sir, message me for offer

  • Hi would u sell 1911 co2 mag and how much for gun and 2 mags


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