Tokyo Marui 416 Devgru + 4 mid cap magazines Theta optics 5×40 scope and two batteries (Dean’s) already changed

Dublin, Ireland,
July 30, 2019
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Price: €680,00
Price: €680,00
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Model: 416 DEVGRU
Type: Electric Airsoft Gun AEG
Muzzle velocity (FPS): Dublin
Item Condition: Used

TOKYO MARUI 416 DEVGRU Recoil  + 4 PTS Mid cap Mags + Theta Optics Scope 5X40 + two batteries

Used less than 10times selling as I prefer the sniper role


<Tokyo marui devgru recoil shock
<Hand grip
<Theta optics scope 5x40
<Already changed to Dean's
<2 batteries
<4 mid cap magazines

This is an amazing deal unfortunately I just never use it . It's been sitting in a box for a few months so it's time to sell

Please call me on 0871246954 for any questions

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Address: Dublin, Ireland,
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