. Pencott Greenzone items for sale

Dublin, Ireland,
August 31, 2019
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Price: €100,00
Price: €100,00
Manufacturer: Various
Model: Various
Size: Large
Camouflage Color: Pencott Greenzone
Item Condition: Used

Pencott Greenzone items for sale – Great for Ireland in general. This stuff is pretty rare and can’t be bought in Ireland. Most of it is either custom made or brought in from abroad.


  • UF Pro BDU Jacket – size XL but is more like large - €50.00
  • UF Pro BDU Trousers – 36” waist 31” Leg - €50.00
  • Custom made BDU trousers – 36” waist 31” Leg - €30.00


Whole package Price €100.00 not including PayPal fees or postage

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Address: Dublin, Ireland,

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