ASG M40A3 Sniper rifle for sale

Leitrim, Ireland,
January 7, 2020
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Price: €150,00
Price: €150,00
Manufacturer: ASG
Model: M40A3 Sportline
Type: Spring Powered
Muzzle velocity (FPS): 300
Item Condition: Used

ASG M40A3 rifle - very much an "entry level" item as it's not easily upgradable by the inexperienced, but lots of fun and could be considered a "gateway rifle" to harder and more addictive sniping rifles. Also a nice addition to an AEG focused armoury for those occasions when you just fancy crawling through the undergrowth and quietly taking your time. As seen in "American Sniper" - It won't shoot as far as Bradley Cooper did in that movie, but it is much quieter.

Custom paint job covers base black colour.

Includes scope (4x32), bipod, two magazines, speed loader, cleaning/unjamming rod.

Excellent condition. Shoots well for what it is. Aprox 300fps - could be increased with a stronger spring or a bit of tinkering with the air seals.

NB: I replaced the stock 6.08mm inner barrel with a 6.03mm but that means it sticks out the front about 10mm, hence the scrim-net wrap to try and conceal the protrusion a bit.

Original barrel can be included if you prefer to use it.


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Address: Leitrim, Ireland,
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User Reviews 3
  • I’ll give ye a ton next weekend if ye still have it

    Stephen Duffy
  • sorry for delayed response. Could take 125… have emailed you.

  • This still available?


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