Airsoft AEG’s

Sligo, Ireland,
March 9, 2019
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Price: €75,00
Price: €75,00
Model: AK
Type: Electric Airsoft Gun AEG
Muzzle velocity (FPS): 320
Item Condition: Brand New

30 plus Airsoft AEG'S for sale, M4's to AK's, P90, G36, AUG's, Famas etc, email with what your looking for I should have it. All new, 1 Joule, private Collection.

Pistols, CO2, Gas, New in Box's, email for prices. Pics requested via email only. Can have items delivered via courier, payment via PayPal. Selling private collection used for display only, batteries not guaranteed given they are in storage. Some rare items, some boneyard items for Parts too, I used to build custom Airsoft for Sci -Fi fans. Some other bits too M203's for AEG's and Gas Grenades. Prices starting from €75.00

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Address: Sligo, Ireland,
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