Upgraded VSR 10

Cork, Ireland,
January 30, 2020
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Price: €250,00
Price: €250,00
Manufacturer: Tokio Marui
Model: VSR 10
Type: Spring Powered
Item Condition: Used

This needs to go to someone who knows how to work these things. I put an upgraded cylinder and cylinder head into it. In which there is a steel piston instead of the Plastik one. So all it need is the spring to bring it up the the max FPS which u do not get out of the box. The upgrades themselves cost me 200 euros. There is a missing part though that said goodbye while I was working on it. Which is the Magazin holder. Which should be cheap to come by and easy to replace. There’s 2 mags included and I’d through in the scope as well

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Address: Cork, Ireland,

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