Nova/Anvil Kimber LAPD 1911 (full steel parts)

Laois, Ireland,
February 2, 2021
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Price: €550,00
Price: €550,00
Manufacturer: Nova/Anvil/Volante/Tokyo marui
Model: Kimber 1911
Type: Gas Blowback
Muzzle velocity (FPS): 1 joule
Item Condition: Brand New

New version Nova slide and frame with “advanced” inner frame, Anvil stainless steel chamber and barrel, Anvil full steel Control parts, hammer, hammer parts. Guide rod and brass hop up chamber with 6.01 inner barrel, Volante blowback unit and real kimber grips! Worth over €1200. Comes with 2 Tokyo marui chrome mags with black base plate to match the gun. Mags are pre installed with high flow valves but standard valves will be apart of the package. I have 2 available both identical, both in brand new condition. Never used (collector)

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Address: Laois, Ireland,

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