Limerick, Ireland,
January 21, 2019
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Big collection of hands firearms: pistols revolvers, WWII replicas. Complete alloy metal slide just or ABS.

Operated on gas, Co2 capsules or spring.
Many with blowback and semi-automated manner additionally full automated Glock series along with others.

You'll discover also a big choice of holsters, slings, cases and maintenance accessories.

Assess our gun department! It is possible to find there high world titles and a huge assortment of types. Beginning from classic M 4's and M16's throughout G36's, AK's Scar's, Masada, MP5's and lots of others SMG -small devices firearms, antique WWII and replicas that are older.

Snipers will discover something for yourself too. Spring or gasoline functioned sniper rifles and also Fantastic selection of scopes

Full Choice of COMBAT GEAR!

All things you want to upgrade, repair or maintenance you air-soft.

We Provide you spare components for pistols and rifles in case You've Got manual abilities our technicians can advise You How You Can do yourself if you do not we will do upkeep, repair and support function for you within our Work Shop

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Address: Limerick, Ireland,
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