airsoft guns ireland law

What the Law States and Airsoft in Eire: Airsoft guns have been valid in Ireland as the 2006 Criminal Justice Act changed the Firearms Acts. A firearm is described as: “an air rifle (including an air rifle and air pistol) having a muzzle Power greater than 1 joule or Another weapon comprising a barrel in that any projectile could be discharged with such muzzle power” As such, any airsoft gun that has a muzzle energy of 1 joule or not as is no longer labeled as a firearm. No license is obligatory for an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns are now called sensible Imitation firearms (RIF) and cannot be transported in public at ANY TIME. If you are taking your RIF for your car, It MUST be in an ideal scenario. Penalties for carrying out a RIF at a public place include as much as $5000 fine or imprisonment up to 5 decades or even both. More details can be obtained here in the Legal Justice Miscellaneous Provisions Bill, from webpage 28 onwards: At what age can I purchase an Airsoft RIF? You must be 18 decades or old to buy or sell some air-soft RIF on our website. How successful would be your airsoft firearms? All of our airsoft firearms comply with Irish law and are below inch Joule of electricity. Every Airsoft rifle we offer has a print from our chronograph, this demonstrates that the exact strength in yards each minute and joule power. 100 Mtrs or 328 Fps Compatible 1 Joule of electricity tested to industry standard with 0.2gram BBs